Click the magnifying glass icon to the right of Provider Name, enter the first few letters of your name, and click Enter.  
Once you locate the site name and/or address matching your location, select the box to the left and hit Select.

  • Aging, DRS, and DDD Provider sites (Residential or Non-Residential) will select based on their name and location. 
  • DDD Provider Agency Administrative Offices will search for their agency name and choose the option that includes “(ADMIN).”  For example, “Sheedy Shores (ADMIN).” 

When choosing Verification Type, select based on which Waiver Operating Agency you received a tool and instructions from, and your provider type (or whether you are an administrative office). 

You must submit accurate contact information to assist in the review process and receive feedback from your Waiver Operating Agency. 

Aging Non-Residential, DDD Non-Residential, DDD Residential, and DRS Non-Residential Provider Sites:  Each piece of evidence should be named based on Provider Site Name, Address, and which HCBS Settings Expectation the evidence supports.  For example, “SheedyShores(123South1st) 3b.” 
Your evidence may support more than one Settings expectation and could be called “SheedyShores(123 South 1st) 7a.10a.” 
The State recommends that all sources of evidences be submitted at one time.  Please upload a zip folder that contains all sources of evidence. 

DDD Provider Agency Administrative Offices:  The State recommends that a single comprehensive policy be submitted at one time in zip format, with the file name including the name of the Provider Agency.